Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laugh Track Added

Laughed till I cried
Laughed so hard I pee’d
A laugh a minute
Laughter is the best medicine
The last laugh
Laugh though your heart is breaking
A laughing stock
A contagious laugh
That’s a laugher
Laugh all the way to the bank
Laugh out the wrong side of the mouth
A laugh up his sleeve
Canned laughter
To die laughing

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A discovery
A moment unique and extraordinary
A shift in perception
A limit stretched
A lucky shot

There is an art to seeing.

The Man and His Driving Machine

Guys like cars; clunkers, customs, classics, Cadillacs, Carreras and Chrysler 300s.  So do I – I’m a guy.

The automobile represents power, liberty and status.  Some models are model magnets. 

That first solo, driver’s licensed drive is unforgettable.  Your first car is unforgettable.  Your first crash, flat tire, peel of rubber is unforgettable.  And that first date in the family car is unforgettable or not depending on your date.  That first drive-in movie, windows steaming, speaker blasting, pop corn spilling, etc., was most likely unforgettable.

I am already thinking about my next car and I have two more years on my lease…

The Chairman of Goldman Sachs

Lloyd came from humble beginnings!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It’s About the Birds and the Bees

Food and water, safety and security, warmth and comfort, alphabet and speak, numbers and calculus, right and wrong, barter and trade, what’s above and what’s below and the birds and the bees are the great original unknowns unraveled by the investigations of humankind. All are energetic drives that inform our lives and that causes history to erupt beneath our feet.

So lets explore, shall we?

For starters, we delve now into one scary, X-rated topic: the birds and the bees…  After all, birds do it and so do bees!


The pre-Holocaust and Holocaust era immigration policies of these United States were responsible for the deaths of European Jews struggling to find safety and a sense of security under the red, white and blue banner of freedom.  Anti-Semitism, American Nazi sympathizers, the high jobless numbers and this country’s sense of isolation prevented quick action and caused countless lives lost.

Immigration policy has been a problem since World War I when the gates were closed to the Eastern Europeans.  Millions of Jews entered this country up to that time.  They/we became good, prosperous citizens, leaders and contributors to this country.  We made movies and science and legal precedents.  We made money and art and disease disappear.

So once again, immigration policy is headline news.  This time, like last time, it is overrun with stupidity, cruelty and xenophobia.  This time the illegals are brown skinned, tubercular and criminal – or not!  Neo-Nazis have once again dictated the terms of the recent policy about to become law in Arizona. 

This policy is white America’s Little Big Horn.  It’s Senator McCain’s last stand!  It’s a Tea Party death rattle.

It seems that old, white men in Arizona sense the loss of their power.  And, it is so.

(Cartoons from the NY Times and Slate)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wanted: Out-Of-Work Talented White Men

To clean toilets
To pick citrus
To stoke coal
To scrub floors
To wash dishes
To walk the dog
To butcher the hogs
To dig the trenches
To bathe the incapacitated
To haul debris

Jobs available at minimum wage or below.
Contact the Governor of the State of Arizona.
People of color need not apply.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Before I Turn to Stone

Before that happens…

It is vital to know:

The Wonders of Love
The Creative Spark
The Inspiration of Innovative Thought
The Art of Making Room for Others
The Experience of Compassion, Trust and Respect
The Grace of Generosity
The Power of a Progressive Cause
The Loss of a Thing, a Campaign, Another and One’s Self

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let the Actors Do the Talking

There are times when the stage and the film challenge us.  It’s not often but it does occur from time to time.

We leave the theater exhilarated or depressed as well as exhausted.  Emotions use up energy.  That’s why psychotropic drugs even us out…I think. 

Often we rush through the day contemplating trifles and fall victim to an unexpected conundrum…like a love dilemma or a real-life moral or ethical issue or one that forces us to face head on a sudden loss.

What other great existential themes does a playwright have to challenge us? 

Secular minded folk often have no fall back position if caught unaware and without a thought through understanding of…

“There is a time for every experience under heaven.”

So try these topics on for size over your next cup of coffee:

The pursuit of truth
Dying and death


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drink, L’Chaim, To Life

Liquid filling the reservoirs of earth:
Human emotions 
Rational and non-linear thought 
Inspiration and creativity 
Prayer and meditation 
Ebbing and waning 
Fluid motion, hydraulic, tidal
Alcoholic indulgences  
Changing the guard at the gate  
Teary sadness and joy
The four seasons
The primary colors
Radio waves
Volcanic ash plumes
The jet stream
Currency exchanging
And when her water breaks…