Monday, March 29, 2010

Which of these stories will you gag on tonight?

Racial Slurs Hurled at Member of Congress

Ohio Militia Indicted by the Grand Jury

Healthcare Bill Stalled in the Halls of Inhumanity

Chairman of the Republican National Committee Parties Hardy

Congress Repeals the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

You Dirty Rats!

This is my operation, my turf, my mob.  These are my rackets, my business deals, my associates. 

Scram buster if you know what’s good for ya.  Get your butt out of my town.  You look like a guy who is accident-prone.  Wouldn’t want anything serious to happen to you.   Get my drift?

I’m from Chicago Heights (really).  Capone met here.  I’m from Calumet City, one of the most connected towns in America.  I’m from Oak Park.  The Dons live here.  I am from Chicago, Gangland, USA.  I’m a made man!

Cement shoes, one-way tickets to the Lake Michigan sand dunes, Vegas slots slightly tilted, bet making, bribes, booze, jury tampering, numbers, union votes, race horse doping, contraband cigs, protection, drugs, hijackings and babes…you’re in my gun sights, punk. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jerry’s Fashion Guide and Style Book

Men in gold suits look kingly.

Heart shaped medallions for men have been popular for two thousand years. 

Women’s Wear Daily predicts that the clothes in the attic in the costume trunk will fetch a high price in today’s market.

A pretty face goes great with Spanish lace.

The most handsome man alive, also the most interesting, and, the best dressed, also one of the richest scions in history, also one of the funniest people walking the planet, also a guy who enjoys his pleasures, also, he is sensitive, kind and compassionate.  This man who can communicate with animals as well as celestial beings, is the son of a poor tailor from the Ghetto in Rome.  He appears here immediately following his cosmetic surgery and moments after his bandages were removed. The surgeon also removed his tsitsit.


Obama possesses inner strength

Obama KO’s GOP

Obama’s poll numbers rise

Politicians dance with the devil

He’s not only black…he’s red, white and blue


Obama possesses inner strength

Clinton came from HOPE, Obama delivered it

Obama’s cred is rising

Ronald Reagan is dead

Unionists, Independents, Moderates, Progressives and Liberals, unite!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Karmelcorn or Karma

"The end of education is character. 

The end of knowledge is love. 

The end of culture is perfection.

The end of wisdom is freedom."  

-- Sai Baba

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Are an Autobiography

You are what you read.

You are your own story in the making.

You are referenced.

You are a work of fiction.

You are a Golden Book.

Feeling A Little Dingy At The Moment

I may have been born under a sun sign (Leo) but at heart, I am a water person.  I prefer the water to the mountain, to the pasture, to the city and the burbs. 

By contrast, I was surprised to discover that I liked the magic of the desert.  I spent 8 days traveling/trekking in the Sinai Wilderness and loved every beautiful, barren and desolate moment.  The graffiti on the rock walls in Sinai is over 1,200 years old…I liked that, too!

Perhaps, several millennia ago I was a Hebrew Prophet or a Phoenician sea captain trading in amphoras of wine.  Perhaps I was a French Legionnaire or a Vasco da Gama type leaving Portugal to explore the exotic lands along the African coast and opening up the trade route to India.  Spicy!

Perhaps I was the general who defeated that fox Rommel in North Africa or just maybe I was the navigator aboard the ship that carried Jews from their expulsion to the downtown docks of Manhattan.

Who knows why a fascination is one?  I had better consult the stars, again.  Time to sail through the constellations with some sand in my pocket…just for the purpose of feeling grounded.





Domestic Partnered


What Women Think About






Monday, March 22, 2010

What Men Think About